Residential Cleaning

Maid Healthy has more than 50 years of cleaning experience in Maryland. Our focus is to enhance the indoor air quality of your home or business. Maid Healthy provides the three top industry services that have the highest impact on indoor air quality – air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maid services – along with other residential and commercial cleaning services, all with one goal in mind: to improve the air you breathe.


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Reoccurring House Cleaning

 Our multiple options for cleaning services provide you the flexibility and affordability needed to make sure your house is kept clean. 

Weekly (Most Popular)
Every Other Week
Once a Month

Deep Cleaning

We understand that at times, things can get out of control and you may need a little more than the standard cleaning services we provide.


Special care and attention cleaning, tailored specifically for whether you are moving in or out is included in the Deep Cleaning package.

Seasonal Care

Let’s face it, there are certain times of the year your home needs more care and attention. Whether it’s before a big Thanksgiving Feast or after an Easter gathering. We’ve got this! Maid Healthy will transform your home into a happy, healthy home.

How We Can Help Keep Your Home Healthy and Happy

Our team of professionals work hard to keep your home – the home you like to cook, rest, and play in.

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Trash Removal
  • Glass/French Doors: Our team will clean the interior and exterior of one sliding or French door.
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Bathrooms: Our team cleans and disinfects. Scrubbing toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks; cleaning and polishing all mirrors; vacuuming rugs and floors; and washing and disinfecting floors to ensure all corners and hard-to-reach areas are spotless.
  • Kitchens

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Remove most allergens, pollutants, and other unwanted inhabitants that may be in your carpets and upholstery.

Window Cleaning

Professional green equipment needed to clean the inside and outside of your windows, removing the dirt, dust, and grime that has built up over the years.


Our team covers all areas of a room. Even to go as far as they can under furniture.

Spot Cleaning

Clean and disinfect around all light switches and door handles

Trash Removal

Remove trash and recycling from specified areas


Clean and disinfect the counter tops and sink (cleaning dishes is not included); and vacuum and clean the kitchen floor.

Ceiling Fan Dusting

From cobwebs, ceiling fans, corners, baseboards, picture frames, window sills, blinds, furniture, and even items on furniture!

Appliance Deep Clean

Our team cleans all exteriors of kitchen appliances they can reach. They also clean the inside and outside of the microwave.

Air Duct Cleaning

At Maid Healthy, we provide a comprehensive cleaning program to keep the air you breathe safe. Indoor air pollution can have a major effect on your family’s health, comfort, and safety.

Specialized Services

Flooring Restoration

Not only does Maid Healthy clean and maintain carpets, but we also provide services that attend to your hard surface floors as well. We specialize in cleaning, restoring, and maintaining floor types such as wood, tile, ceramic, marble, and concrete. Thanks to five decades of experience, we can remove old finishes and top coats, and refinish your floors with a variety of eco-friendly products specifically formulated for your floor type. Additionally, our residential cleaners can make regular visits to maintain your flooring’s cleanliness or we can assist you with a do-it-yourself maintenance program!


Power Washing

With commercial grade equipment, our power washing team can handle cleaning any type of surface. We can power wash decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, piers, various sidings (wood, brick, vinyl, etc.), and anything else in need of a good cleaning. We can even power wash your RV!


Robert’s crew was terrific. We needed to get a relative’s house cleaned up after a prolonged absence, and a lot had gone wrong during that time. The crew called me when they arrived, and worked their butts off to get things back in excellent shape. Floors, walls, fridge, bathroom—even the kitchen cabinets were all excellent when they finished. As a bonus, they did an add-on to clean the air ducts (it was a separate charge, but not all the cleaners we spoke to offered it). In the end, they came in $100 under budget. Great communication throughout, and when there was a minor question related to the air system when my relative got home, Robert went straight there to help her out, no extra charge. Recommend extremely highly!!

Brian O


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