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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Make a Difference!

Everyone strives to provide the best for their family. Whether that means nutritious food, quality medical care, or a healthy and clean home. When considering the products you purchase, you may research the very best options. But, did you ever stop to think about the chemicals that are in the bottles of cleaning solutions used to clean your house? Unfortunately, many of these products are manufactured using toxic chemicals, disregarding the safety and health of consumers. Eco-friendly cleaning products make a difference! We’ve got three compelling reasons why you should use eco-friendly products to clean your home.

1. Eco-friendly cleaning products do not harm the environment, either during production, use, or disposal.

Meaning, when you use eco-friendly, you are helping preserve the environment by reducing the amount of manufacturing pollution. Make sure you read all labels and look for products with the Green Seal that explicitly state that they are safe.

2. Eco-friendly cleaning products do not require extra steps or time to be effective.

Some folks think that eco-friendly products don’t work as well or that they require a lot of extra work to be effective. This is just not true. And, as another bonus, they do not emit harsh fumes.

3. Conventional cleaning products contain several toxic chemicals.

The conventional cleaning products in the market contain several toxic chemicals. These chemicals not only harm the environment but could be dangerous to you and your family as well. Many people also have allergies to the chemicals found in conventional cleaners. When you make the switch, pay attention to all household cleaners, including furniture cleaners and polishes, air fresheners, glass and tile cleaners, toilet cleaners, detergent, dishwashers, carpet cleaners, even hand soap.

Maid Healthy is committed to safely cleaning your home. We strive to avoid products that contain harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, Perchloroethylene/PERC, Ammonia, Chlorine, or any other products that carry warning labels. We genuinely believe in doing our part, and that eco-friendly cleaning products really do make a difference! Want a clean, fresh, environmentally home? Contact Maid Healthy today!