Life can be full of surprises and challenges. You never know when having a cleaning service might go from seeming to be a luxury to becoming a necessity.

Here is a real-life example. A very active athletic mom of teenage boys (we’ll call her Jane) recently broke her ankle, had surgery, and is facing 8 weeks of being out of commission. Jane found that calling us for a monthly cleaning service, not only took a weight off her mind but also was a big help to the rest of the family who were already stepping up in so many ways to do the things mom could not do.  Family and friends kindly offered to bring food, shop, and do whatever else was needed. Jane felt, however, that asking them to also clean her house was an imposition. Thankfully she contacted MaidHealthy. Jane suddenly realized that a cleaning service was the perfect gift to give someone after an injury, an operation, or a new baby. Don’t bring another casserole, give the gift of peace of mind that comes with a clean and orderly home. Contact us for your cleaning needs. We’ll be glad to help!