Read on to learn all bout the rich history of spring cleaning. Plus, get a few tips on how to tackle the task this year!

Ahhh Spring! As the days get longer and the temperatures rise we begin emerging from winter hibernation. For many, our instincts kick in, and we begin the spring cleaning process. In fact, according to the American Cleaning Institute, up to 72 percent of households partake in this annual rite. Topping the list for areas garnering most attention? Bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and the garage. While today the term is associated with any sort of heavy cleaning, you may not realize this tradition has a rich history. Read on to learn more about the history of spring cleaning, plus get a few tips to make his year’s tasks a little easier.

The Cultural Origins Of Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, the history of spring cleaning dates back centuries! It is the center of many traditional cultures and religions. In ancient Iranian and Chinese cultures, the home was ritually and thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the New Year celebration. The Jewish practice coincided with the cleansing of the home in preparation for Passover and was initially meant to clear the house of any remnants of leavened foodstuffs. The Catholic religion promoted thoroughly cleaning the church altar Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. In Greek Orthodox cultures the home is traditionally cleaned coinciding with the week of The Great Lent and is often referred to as Clean Week.

Practical Origins of Spring Cleaning

In articles published in the Washington Post, during the 1800s, most households participated in an annual spring cleaning. This is because the winter left homes coated with a layer of soot in just about every room. Between lamps lit with whale oil or kerosene and heating systems using coal or wood one can only imagine the mess left behind. It all started with opening all the windows; drapery laundered, rugs taken outside and beaten, all surfaces wiped down, linens and upholstery cleaned.

Modern Day Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming. But, if you follow these simple tips, you will find it takes the chore out of the task.

  1. Make a To Do List
    Break it all down into smaller tasks that are approachable, and less daunting.
  2. Enlist Help
    Once you have a list, you can then assign family members to a particular task. “Many hands make for light work.”
  3. Gather Your Supplies
    Make sure you have all the cleaning products, including sponges, mops, brooms, buckets, gathered and organized before you begin.
  4. Worst is First
    Consider tackling your most dreaded task first. Putting it off until the end only makes the anxiety grow. Get it done before everything else and you may realize it really wasn’t that big a deal!
  5. Start From Top to Bottom
    For example, begin by removing cobweb from the ceiling corners. Then wipe down ceiling fans or light fixtures. Next dust furniture. Last, vacuum or clean floors.

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