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Hiring a Maid Service Makes You Happier

Hiring a maid service makes you happier. Don’t believe it? Well, would you believe scholars at Harvard? Recently, the New York Times reported on a study by the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School. It found that buying time makes people happier than buying material things. They compiled findings from several countries about spending habits and how it affects mood. And, what they found may surprise you.

Survey Says…

Researchers handed out surveys to thousands of adults in many European countries. The goal was to track spending habits and the resulting emotions. The studies did indeed establish a link between buying time and happiness. However, the researchers wanted to take it a step further and see whether one causes the other.

Well, as predicted, spending money to save time appeared to reduce time-related stress and increase well-being. Conversely, spending on material goods did not seem to have the same resulting emotional effect. And further, they discovered that it didn’t matter how rich you are. In all, people benefited from buying time regardless of where they fell on the income spectrum.

A Big Surprise

But, despite the benefits, the practice of buying time is not as prevalent as one might expect. Even among those surveyed who could afford to spend money on time-saving services, only a slight majority actually did.

So, why then, even though researchers found a link between outsourcing disliked tasks and greater overall life satisfaction, don’t most folks chose to do it?

Why not reconsider the way we spend money?

Dare to Compare and Re-Consider

When you think about it and compare prices, hiring a maid service costs about the same as an evening out at the movies for the family.

Who doesn’t yearn for more hours in a day, more free time, less running around? Consider that spending a bit of money to get rid of tedious tasks could make you more content in life. Therefore, ask yourself, “Should I spend money to save time or spend the time to save money?” Hiring a maid service makes you happier and is worth every penny!

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