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Tips to Organize Your Home After the Holidays

Once the holiday fun is over, there are gifts to put away and decorations to organize and store. What’s more is after days spent with friends, family, and out of town guests, your home becomes a cluttered mess. It is easy to become overwhelmed with it all. But, do not fret. If you tackle one task at a time, it allows you to break it down. Nothing feels as good as crossing items off your to-do list. Here are tips to organize your home after the holidays.

  1. Make a List

    When you stand in the middle of a mess, it is hard to know where to even start. Instead, make a list breaking down each task. That way, the disarray becomes a tangible step-by-step project. Plus, when you have a planned strategy you can delegate jobs to everyone in the house.

  2. Get One Give Two

    Every time you receive one gift, consider donating two items you own. For instance, if your kiddos get new a new pair of pajamas or a toy from their grandparents, look for two that they have outgrown for donation. If you receive a kitchen gadget, go through your drawers and donate two that you have not used for a while.

  3. Mailing Box Challenge

    Every year we seem to order more gifts online. And while we think it is admirable that you recycle these boxes, this we offer a new concept. Instead, we challenge you to fill the boxes with items for donation. Remember the “Get One Give Two?” Take those and pack them in these boxes.

  4. Sort Then Stow

    Resist the urge to dump all of your holiday decorations in bins in the hopes you will organize them “someday.” Remember those shipping boxes? As you are pulling down decorations, place unwanted decorations in there. Be honest with yourself. Do you have broken sets of lights or decorations that you have meant to fix for years? Discard them. It is not worth keeping them year after year.

  5. After Holiday White Elephant Exchange

    Consider gathering your friends after the hustle of the holidays. Did you receive a gift that is a double? Or an item that does not match your decor? Wrap and regift it at the White Elephant party. Make this night about having fun and, who knows? You may come home with something you love!

  6. Organize Books and Magazines

    Has your subscription collection gotten out of control? Are your bookshelves a jumbled mess? After you take down your decorations go through it all. Donate magazines and books to doctor’s offices, daycare centers, coffee shops, salons, car repair centers, etc.

  7. Donate old blankets and linens.

    Go through your linen closet and clear out unused items such as hotel shampoos and soaps, old towels, blankets, and sheets. Donate them to homeless shelters and veterinary clinics or local animal shelters.

  8. Get Hyggelige

    Pronounced HOO-GUH-LEE, this (Hygge: HOO-GUH) is the Danish obsession with getting cozy. Once your home is decluttered, give it a thorough cleaning. This is the best time to treat yourself to a professional house cleaning. Then, make your home cozy this winter with fresh candles and comfy blankets. Settle in, relax, and enjoy some downtime with your family and friends. You deserve it!

Use this tips to organize your house after the holidays. Then, contact the professionals at Maid Healthy. Our friendly staff will have your house spotless in no time at all. Let us do the cleaning while you enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation. We offer a variety of options for any budget!