tips to keep your house tidy between cleanings

Tips to Keep Your House Tidy Between Cleanings

With our busy lives running here and there from work and school, to kids activities and sporting events keeping the house clean is usually low on the list of priorities. And that is why you have hired a cleaning service, right? But, how can you keep your house tidy between cleanings? Nothing can be more stressful than coming home after a long day to a cluttered kitchen or living room. However, there are simple steps that take minutes and will ensure your home is always picked up. Best of all, these are tasks that the whole family can chip in and accomplish. That way, the burden does not fall on one person! Check out these tips to keep your house tidy between cleanings.

Everything in Its Place

Surely you have heard the old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place.” One of the most significant issues that compromise a tidy home are items that seem to have no proper storage place. Things that lack homes will wander the house, cluttering up unsuspecting corners, tables, and shelves. Furthermore, when you do not have designated spaces for items, it makes it increasingly difficult to locate them quickly, or in an emergency. Alleviate this problem with drawer organizers and storage cubes for shelves. Keep your cabinets organized by designating them with a particular purpose (i.e., spices, dishes, Tupperware, food, art supplies).

Organize Mail and Paperwork

It seems like there is always a dumping place for all your collected mail and paperwork. Take this designated area and organize it as a home command center. Pick up a portable table/desk file organizer and label them clearly. In here you can store bills, bank statements, school paperwork, coupons, etc. Better yet, avoid as many paper bills and notifications as possible by opting to go paperless. For storing more critical documents keep a filing cabinet or a lock box in your bedroom or office.

Address Issues Right Away

Every day little messes can turn into a giant disaster if left unaddressed. So, put out small fires as they ignite. For example, keep clean-up wipes in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink for quick wipe downs or to clean up of sticky fingerprints on doors, windows, mirrors, or tables. Have a little broom and dustpan for crumbs in the kitchen or dining room. Consider a small hand-held vacuum to spot clean up the couch or stairs.

Make a Daily Task List for Everyone

Designate a list of daily chores that everyone must complete. Include tasks such as:

  • Make the beds
  • Wash the dishes or load/unload dishwasher
  • Put dirty clothes in hampers
  • Wipe kitchen counters
  • Empty Lunchboxes
  • Put away shoes, coats, and bookbags

Many Hands Make Light Work

During the morning rush or the after-school madness, it is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed. However, when everyone chips in making breakfast, lunches, dinners, plus clean up is a snap. Pretty much everyone can lend a hand. Have your kids put their dishes in the dishwasher after a meal. Everyone can help fold laundry after dinner while watching a favorite TV show. Meal prep is a great time for family bonding and catching up on the day’s activities. When everyone helps out, tasks are completed easier. Additionally, you are teaching everyone the value of teamwork and responsibilities.

End of the Day 5-Minute Tidy

Don’t let the sun go down with toys and other items scattered throughout the house. Recruit everyone to go around picking up things and putting them away for about 5 minutes (or the length of a couple of favorite songs). You will be amazed to see how much could be accomplished when everyone chips in!

Have you been considering hiring a maid cleaning service? Contact Maid Healthy for an estimate today. Research shows that hiring a maid service makes you happier! Plus, these tips for keeping your house tidy between cleanings will help alleviate stress and ensure that you and your family will always be happy and healthy.